Multi Shaped Artistic Wooden Clock


Material : Wood Color : Black , light brown & dark brown Pattern : 12Hours Machine : Pakistani Brand : Gift Arena


The Multi Shaped Artistic wooden Clock is the unique shaped artistic wall clock in Pakistan. The design and color pattern are quite decent & value added to your home decor. This clock is prepared with details and checks on every aspect of quality standards & the same design for every piece of your order Above all, it’s designed under the supervision of the Gift Arena QA department.

We recommend it to place it near the entrance wall that will give a great impact on your guests. Therefore, we will give you the best Wall Decor in Karachi portray a masterpiece or artistic design. We have the top Artistic Wooden Wall Clock in Pakistan with amazing customer satisfaction. Specifically, Multi Shaped Artistic Wooden Clock is the most selling wall clock in Karachi 2021.

Gift Arena is extremely sensitive in terms of quality & customer satisfaction. Our team is responsible for any sort of quality or design related issues & responds to your complaints. The customer is our priority & aims to make trustworthiness in E-commerce market which lack nowadays. Be part of the customer list & got that amazing experience all over Pakistan. In conclusion, we are a highly recommended platform for an easy gift to your loved ones on time all over Pakistan.

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